Streamers / Influencers / Media

Are you a streamer, youtuber, influencer or media?

We would be glad to provide you your free game Steam Key and some giveaway keys for your viewers.

We just want to ask you:

Game will be released to Early access on Steam on October 24th 2019

– stream the game sometime on weekend October 24th – 27th or later
– it is also ok to stream before October 24th – but make at least 1 stream after release date as well
– we would be glad if you would inform us about stream time and/or when video or other presentation is published, to have some feedback
– I would be glad to attend live stream in chat – if you wish to
– We have no strict limits – but we would expect at least 30-50 viewers minimum
– you should not resold the Key

Please fill up following form:

Please contact us if you have any questions or issues.

Have fun
Juraj (DuroBulo) Bachar
Game Developer