EA 1 Year Anniversary

First map fully accessible and Extraction point added

AreaZ game update, a single player survival title, introduces points of rescue and make first map fully accessible on the first year of Early Access Anniversary this weekend. Game will be also featured within the upcoming Czech and Slovak week on Steam.

Map includes following so called Area(z): coast, beach, jungle, meadow, volcano, river stream, bamboo forest and a large swamp. Each mentioned biome provides different survival opportunities, resources as well as dangers. Ocean tide cycle, as unique game feature, greatly affects the coastal and beach area(z).

The gameplay is based on real survival – cast away situations, as character loses its energy reserve in order to survive, to crafts items and shelters or even during movement. In order to survive the energy must be replenished in form of calories from various food resources, that player can acquire by different strategies. Same as portrayed in books, movies and popular survival shows on documentary channels.

The game now tracks the character vital steps during survival. The death reason – low health, dehydration, being drown, or venom. How long did character survive, calories input and usage. Locations where player saves the game or builds a shelter.

Current record is to survive 6 days a 21 hours ingame time with 24,000 calories consumption. This represents about 3,500 calories a day, which is actually same to real life daily calories needed in extreme situation. Just to compare – 1,200 calories is minimum real life required daily calories income in long term situation.

Thanks to provided data I can now optimize the survival requirements, solve problematic parts and identify areas on map, which need to become more attractive. I will be adding new, so called Point of interest, which might be used in future story line.

About half of the dry land on the first map is covered by difficult to pass swamp area. It is designed as a maze including dynamic barriers. So the right path is changing on each gameplay and players cannot rely on youtube tutorials.

Swamp is the final frontier player has to conquer. To do so, character needs to create a sufficient energy reserve and avoid dangerous animals as crocodiles and venomous snakes. Illnesses such as malaria are planned as well.

Even the first map is fully accessible, the development will continue. Game should be transferred on upcoming Unreal Engine 5. Together with new graphic cards 30XX series it will allow us new possibilities in graphical design and overall development.

Currently developed features and game mechanics include firearms, drivable boats and horses.  Those will be available on second map situated in Inlands area(z), featuring fields, forests, and villages. The third map will focus on snowy mountains area(z), with low temperatures, limited food resources and dangerous animals.

Juraj Bachar
Game Creator

Future Development

Lets see on what we are working on now:

– more animals, various fish, snake, frog, scorpions…
– a update dedicated just to birds – seagulls, pigeons and their life-cycle from egg to bird

– hunting bow and spear. Both mechanics are already tested – and successfully working

– illnesses – various illnesses will come including cholera and malaria. Different herbs will be added acting as healing item or repellent.
– world temperature impact on character and loot. Items as wood will dry according to sun intensity. Heat comfort will have impact on character health.
– also new areas on map will be accessible – providing some interesting loot and background for future story

– drifting boxes from ocean will provide player loot such as chocolate, matches, MRE, flare, etc.

– also I would like to introduce leader-boards – so players can compare their survival skills.

Also we will be starting to work of a new map called “Inland”

This will include – Forests, meadows, abandoned villages and fields.
New hunting prey will be added as boar, deer and new predators as wolfs packs.
There will be new items available such as cloth, items for cooking and even simple hunting firearms – bolt action and shotguns.
Horse companion.

The final part will be third map called “Mountains” (year 2021)
This will be rough environment with rocks, snow, ice, rough wind a low temperatures.

So first thank you for you support and feedback – it was a great help and I have already incorporated a lot of in – easy settings with 10x loot, drag and drop stacking and fixed a lot of issues. Also added new animations and sound for female (male coming soon).

Thank you once again and have fun.

Juraj (DuroBulo) Bachar
Game Creator

AreaZ game is available on Steam !!!

Get it now with initial discount to 9,89€ for only few day !!!


Alpha version will include:
– first map with beach, jungle, bamboo forest, meadow and swamp
– over 100 crafting recipes
– 80 initial items
– animals – shark, crocodile, several fish, octopus, bird. As items: crab, oyster, rabbit, bird eggs, ant larvae, Also bees, ants and flies. As ambient – small fish, dragonfly, butterflies and fireflies.

Available languages:
– English
– German
– Italian
– Czech
– Slovak
Coming soon:
– Russian

I would like to thank you for your support. And will be happy if you decide to share this news.

Release date on Steam Oct 24th 2019.

AreaZ Survival Stories #001

Day 1 sometime at morning:

Awaken on some beach and having no idea where I am .All I know I am completely wet and literary do have sand in every hole.

Trying to look around and everything I see is just sand, ocean, and some palm trees. And screaming seagulls.
I might have still enough power to climb up this rock. Might see something else.

After small climbing I managed to get on top. This is the good news. Well the bed news is – all I can still see is ocean and some distance rocks.

Jumped down and after impact found a strange black glossy rock. Will pick it up and have a look.

To be continued…

AreaZ game Early Access

Starting Oct 24th 2019

AreaZ Early Access release date on Steam Oct 24th 2019


Alpha version will include:
– first map with beach, jungle, bamboo forest, meadow and swamp
– over 100 crafting recipes
– 80 initial items
– animals – shark, crocodile, several fish, octopus, bird. As items: crab, oyster, rabbit, bird eggs, ant larvae, Also bees, ants and flies. As ambient – small fish, dragonfly, butterflies and fireflies.

Available languages:
– English
– German
– Italian
– Czech
– Slovak
Coming soon:
– Russian

I would like to thank you for your support. And will be happy if you decide to share this news.

Status Report May 2019

May 20th, 2019
Status Report –  January – May 2019

This update was crucial as we went from prototype to functional version of our animation system. It allows us to control several types of characters starting with their movement, interaction, combat up to multiple crafting functions. It also includes sound connections to each action character is performing.
As I have mentioned sounds – you will see, or better say hear, now sounds – especially when running on different surfaces. New sounds were added to swimming and other actions as well.

As previous update .16 was focused on Hardcore play – we have now data for minimal loot needed to survive in jungle environment. Really thanks to all testers and streamers for testing it!!!

In current .17 version players have now possibility to choose from Softcore or Hardcore settings. Hardcore setting still keeps minimal loot, where Softcore has loot up to tripled.

In current .17 version players have now possibility to choose from Softcore or Hardcore settings. Hardcore setting still keeps minimal loot, where Softcore has loot up to tripled.

Last month were also not only about programming. We done a lot of from management work, financial planning, taxes. Also we have participated on marketing and public relation events.
The Indie Gamer Magazine brought 4 pages interview with me about AreaZ game development.

We had about 1 hour lecture about Game Development on Anime days in Bratislava in April 2019 brought to you by Sector.sk magazine.

On May 24th – 26th we will present our game on Game Access Conference
https://game-access.com/conference/ in Brno Czech republic as part of Indie Expo. We will meet and join other game professionals and investors. As May 26th is open to general public – I would like to invite all who would like to see and play our game.

For the future development we are currently working on throwables such as spear, boomerang or even stones and bananas 😀 . Also we are implementing bow shooting. You can see first tests if you are following our social media.

Also we would finally like to rework the swamp area – to make it more interesting and to improve collisions and FPS.

We decided to release Early Access only after tutorials, hint system and mission are implemented. Anyway you can play or better said test the current build already if you support our development via preorder at https://szeiner.com/store/14-games

Thank you for your support.

Juraj (Duro Bulo) Bachar
AreaZ Game Developer

Status Report 2019 Outlook

January 5th, 2019
Status Report –  2019 Outlook

Even during holiday season we managed to put a lot of effort in game development.

Before we take look on upcoming year 2019, let’s see the current state of the game development and how we have managed to fulfill our survival game principles till now:

1) Complex Environment
We managed to create a complex environment where map territory, nature, loot economy, items, animals and player make complex interaction.  Not only we have day/night simulation – we have fully introduced ocean tides, ocean currents and made items to float and drift on ocean. If item such as wood gets wet – it will not burn in fireplace (until dried). When fire is hit by water (ocean tide) it will extinguish. Items can be wet, can be burned by fire. They can be damaged by usage. Implemented lifecycle will remove old items depending on their quality and lifespan. Even animal behavior is connected to day cycle and ocean tide. We have sky map with real stars constellations enabling player to navigate during nighttime.

2) Challenging gameplay

Survival should remain challenging. We want to achieve this feeling during whole gameplay, not only on beginning when player spawns. Our complex environment affects player by multiple ways. Each task cost player energy he must replenish. To better understand it – we have made energy usage overview for player on daily basis – how much energy he gained and how much did he used every day. To it comes “survival index”. When it is negative – player is losing more energy as he manages to get. This means he will not survive for long.
To keep player busy – our loot economy spawn items not only depending on item actual volume. It considers what we call “successor” items as well. For example– bamboo and crafted bamboo spear will both have impact on bamboo spawn volume. Therefore you cannot trick it easily to spawn new loot just by removing the item from spawn. Also the economy is sector based – which allows us to fill different map areas with loot.
This all together makes survival challenging not only for the first day – but also during whole game play.

3) Survival techniques

In game we have focus on real “primitive” survival techniques – that can be found in any real survival field manual. From crafting, to cooking, obtaining fresh water (f.e. game enables indirect water boiling), and hunting and trapping animals. You have to find evidence of animal’s presence to lay traps successfully. This could be even animal feces. Building a shelter will provide you some heat comfort. Do not rely that you will easily harvest tons of wood or rocks with bare hands.

Also time of the day is important. Some areas are more accessible during low ocean tide. Giving you better opportunity to pick up food such as shells or setting fish/crab traps. High tide can bring you drifting loot – so plan your survival according to the time of the day.

2019 Plans for upcoming weeks are:
We already have  core game and survival mechanics settled. Next we want to focus specially on new animations. This means to apply animation to most action the character is performing. This will include implementation of character sounds as well.

We want to polish the map – we will optimize the tress collisions thanks to data we have gained from testers. The swamp area will be completely reworked as we are not happy with assets we have used there.

As we have focused on core mechanics – now will be time to polish the graphics. This goes especially for player HUD, inventory screen and game menu.

Also we will improve the crafting mechanics- implement additional crafting recipes logic.

To the end I would like to show you some pictures from our first public appearance – on Game Developers Session – Indie Expo in Prague in December 2018 – where we got nice feedback.

That’s is all for now …

Thank you for you support!

Juraj (Duro Bulo) Bachar
AreaZ Game Developer

Status Report October – November 2018

December 1st, 2018
Status Report October – November 2018

First I have great news.  AreaZ game is now available to Pre-order. And all players with pre-order will have instant access to the DEMO version of the game.

Just pre-order on https://szeiner.com/store/14-games.

This eshop is operated in cooperation of several Czech and Slovak independent developers. Payment can be done by PayPal (inclusive customer protection), Credit Card or even Pay Safe Card.
Afterwards an email with steam key will be send to you. By using this key on Steam, AreaZ game will become available in your Steam Games Library and will automatically download and install. The installation requires about 9 GB of your hard drive. And you are ready to test the demo version.

There are 2 possibilities for preorder. First  is AreaZ Pre order – which is basically the game. Then there is a VIP Pack for people that would like to support the development. VIP Pack will include game itself, and all future game software content including future expansions (DLC) and skins.

Feel free to contact us, if you have any questions.

Please note this is not yet the final version of game or even  early access. This is a demo where we currently test core features. Soon we will add some gameplay as currently the player is mostly in “god mode” except drowning and predator attack. All feedback and reports are welcomed and much appreciated. Please use our forum for reports:

Also check regularly our changelog available in game menu for important changes and updates.

Next week we are going to present the AreaZ game demo officially on Game Developers Session in Prague as part of Indie Expo.

For last two month we have focused to create first working demo version from existing prototypes. Also first invite only test were done to check the core functionality.  Most of the mechanics was plugged in and partially polished. Starting from character mechanics, up to environment and map. We have replaced the swamp water and achieved very nice result:

Also we have been testing the loot economy, added loot items, and filled the crafting recipes. Here is a overview of items which can be crafted from bamboo.

The next mechanics we have focused on was basebulding. Here are several stages of shelter construction.

As survival simulation is important for us – we have added night sky based on real star position and brightness, so you can see existing star constellations. This will also help players to navigate at night. For gameplay reason we have enabled the possibility to speed up the night up to 4X. This means if daylight takes 20 minutes – the night will last for 5 minutes only.

Also we were working on our Steam presence. After being approved by Steam and solved tax and legislative issues, we have established our Steam Store Page available here, where you can add the game to your Steam Wishlist.
Please note – for those who have already Pre-ordered our game – you have it already in your Steam game library.


For upcoming weeks we plan to rework the design of menu, which is currently basic one only. Afterward we plan an important update to our Character, which will enable us to add new animations and game mechanics and fix some current issues.  Also to include bow and firearms. This update is needed, so we can start to implement sounds in the game as well. Currently there are only two ambient sounds present.

Of course we will check and fix reported bugs and issues.

Thank you for your kind support.

Duro Bulo
AreaZ game Developer

Status Report August – September 2018

October 4th, 2018
Status Report August – September  2018

Even during holiday season we managed to put a lot of effort in game development.

First we have focused on animal AI. Animals where categorized depending on their primary movement style – walking, swimming and flying and their behavior – prey and predators.  We have realized soon, that build engine AI path finding is not suitable for us. We had to develop our own mechanics from the scratch for fish and birds. So we had to design not only movement, pathfinding, but collision handling and evasive maneuvers as well.

Next part of development included the creation of first map and environments available in demo. This includes area(z) such as coastline, beach, jungle, bamboo forest, meadow and a secret area. The final frontier for player to conquer is deadly swamp.

We were not only creating the area(z) itself by modifying the terrain and plating plants. The work included decision how the map should be designed to provide required resources for survival and crafting for best player experience.

To provide player a resources to survive – we deigned our version of loot economy. This calculates not only the spawned loot, but considers even items already crafted.  Economy is based on zones – not on predefined spawnpoints. And there can be multiple zones for each item. The animals (like fish) spawn the similar way.

Some animals act as “border control”. Especially sharks are spawned when player swims or is drifted by sea currents out to open sea. If player manages to swim back towards the beach, they will lose their interest.

In swamp we have prepared and tested dynamically spawned natural obstacles – so player will have to find his way thru the swamp. Just finding the one static way on Wikipedia or elsewhere, will not work. We want the player to rely on his own knowledge, experience and skills. And luck as well …

With area(z) created on map – the next step was the environment itself. We have set up the day/night cycle, wind, and light settings. Also sea tides, sea currents (which affect loot and player character as well) and fog. Only the temperature impact will be added later in bigger update – as it is complex issue. Anyway the temperature is already affecting loot, and is also changed by fire heat and material being wet (wet items will cool down). Same will be done on the side of player character later. Also we have to connect it to basebuilding – like shelters – which will provide some heat comfort.

All above mentioned is connected to one “environment manager”. It allows us simply to decide what part of the day it should be and how fast will be the day cycle running. It will set up properly all values, including sun, wind, fog, sea tide level and currents.

Also we have being working on first postprocess parts –such as blood stains, underwater view etc.

As the game is closing to the first milestone – playable demo, we had to work on legal, tax registration, licenses and other connected issues.

We are finalizing our first presence on web, social media and working hard on STEAM game page, so we can publish them officially.

Once again I would like to thank all the people, who are helping us with this project as well to our supports.

Really can’t wait to see first players to test the game demo and provide us first so needed feedback.

Duro Bulo
AreaZ Game Developer