EA 1 Year Anniversary

First map fully accessible and Extraction point added

AreaZ game update, a single player survival title, introduces points of rescue and make first map fully accessible on the first year of Early Access Anniversary this weekend. Game will be also featured within the upcoming Czech and Slovak week on Steam.

Map includes following so called Area(z): coast, beach, jungle, meadow, volcano, river stream, bamboo forest and a large swamp. Each mentioned biome provides different survival opportunities, resources as well as dangers. Ocean tide cycle, as unique game feature, greatly affects the coastal and beach area(z).

The gameplay is based on real survival – cast away situations, as character loses its energy reserve in order to survive, to crafts items and shelters or even during movement. In order to survive the energy must be replenished in form of calories from various food resources, that player can acquire by different strategies. Same as portrayed in books, movies and popular survival shows on documentary channels.

The game now tracks the character vital steps during survival. The death reason – low health, dehydration, being drown, or venom. How long did character survive, calories input and usage. Locations where player saves the game or builds a shelter.

Current record is to survive 6 days a 21 hours ingame time with 24,000 calories consumption. This represents about 3,500 calories a day, which is actually same to real life daily calories needed in extreme situation. Just to compare – 1,200 calories is minimum real life required daily calories income in long term situation.

Thanks to provided data I can now optimize the survival requirements, solve problematic parts and identify areas on map, which need to become more attractive. I will be adding new, so called Point of interest, which might be used in future story line.

About half of the dry land on the first map is covered by difficult to pass swamp area. It is designed as a maze including dynamic barriers. So the right path is changing on each gameplay and players cannot rely on youtube tutorials.

Swamp is the final frontier player has to conquer. To do so, character needs to create a sufficient energy reserve and avoid dangerous animals as crocodiles and venomous snakes. Illnesses such as malaria are planned as well.

Even the first map is fully accessible, the development will continue. Game should be transferred on upcoming Unreal Engine 5. Together with new graphic cards 30XX series it will allow us new possibilities in graphical design and overall development.

Currently developed features and game mechanics include firearms, drivable boats and horses.  Those will be available on second map situated in Inlands area(z), featuring fields, forests, and villages. The third map will focus on snowy mountains area(z), with low temperatures, limited food resources and dangerous animals.

Juraj Bachar
Game Creator