Update 0.23 Bear

Bear was added to the game – as you wanted to have more adrenaline experience since start. It can charge on player or even sniff out food, especially meat, chocolate and honey. So it can come and plunder your camp or traps. But food can be used to distract it away from some locations.

To kill it – use spear or trident and aim for the chest area where heart is. Might need several hits. Bear can be skinned to meat (it drops temporally fish steaks).

Flare was added to drifted boxes. Works same way as torch – can be used to light fireplace.
Placing it to inventory will make the fire to extinguish. As I found this not realistic – this will be changed in future updates.

The flare/torch holding animation is set to left hand.

Fixed some issues with spawn and volumes of drifted boxes.

Male character is temporally switched off until new animations are tested and upgraded.

Previous game versions savegames should work – but will not have bear spawned.