Update 0.22 Crates

Drifted crates will spawn once new mission level is unlocked.
Includes high tier loot:
– chocolate +350 food
– military rations MRE +400 food
– matchbox – lights fire (check the matchbox volume indicator)
– syringe +20 health
– antibiotics
– antimalarials
– repellent

To open crate – place it on ground and use some tool as stone, obsidian, knifes or axe in your right hand. Crates can be used as fireplace fuel.

Added a lot of animation for female character.
Male animations will be added when successfully tested,
Therefore I would strongly suggest you to play as female.

Antibiotics, antimalarials, repellent give now +20 health.
This will be changed when diseases are introduced.

To be added soon:
– flare
– military flashlight
– field flask
– echinacea flower
– echinacea tea for health recovery
– mint herb
– mint repellent