Future Development

Lets see on what we are working on now:

– more animals, various fish, snake, frog, scorpions…
– a update dedicated just to birds – seagulls, pigeons and their life-cycle from egg to bird

– hunting bow and spear. Both mechanics are already tested – and successfully working

– illnesses – various illnesses will come including cholera and malaria. Different herbs will be added acting as healing item or repellent.
– world temperature impact on character and loot. Items as wood will dry according to sun intensity. Heat comfort will have impact on character health.
– also new areas on map will be accessible – providing some interesting loot and background for future story

– drifting boxes from ocean will provide player loot such as chocolate, matches, MRE, flare, etc.

– also I would like to introduce leader-boards – so players can compare their survival skills.

Also we will be starting to work of a new map called “Inland”

This will include – Forests, meadows, abandoned villages and fields.
New hunting prey will be added as boar, deer and new predators as wolfs packs.
There will be new items available such as cloth, items for cooking and even simple hunting firearms – bolt action and shotguns.
Horse companion.

The final part will be third map called “Mountains” (year 2021)
This will be rough environment with rocks, snow, ice, rough wind a low temperatures.

So first thank you for you support and feedback – it was a great help and I have already incorporated a lot of in – easy settings with 10x loot, drag and drop stacking and fixed a lot of issues. Also added new animations and sound for female (male coming soon).

Thank you once again and have fun.

Juraj (DuroBulo) Bachar
Game Creator