About Game

AreaZ game is true survival simulator, where player has to rely on his knowledge and survival skills in different bioms or so called area(z). Starting with first demo showcase based on beach and jungle area(z) until player conquers the deadly swamp. Future game will include Rural mainland, Forrest up to rocky and snow covered Mountains.

In order to survive, player should search closely each part of the map and each area to find and focus mainly on natural resources. Player can use a really robust crafting system to craft needed items. The nature and environment itself is made hard and will not allow player to make many mistakes. Bad decisions and resources management  will lead to character starving or even death. The AreaZ game includes advanced game mechanics of natural environment, crafting,  and survival and such enabling complex simulation for bold players.


EA 1 Year Anniversary

First map fully accessible and Extraction point added AreaZ game update, a single player survival title, introduces points of rescue and make first map fully accessible on the first year of Early Access Anniversary this weekend. Game will be also featured within the upcoming Czech and Slovak week on Steam. Map includes following so called …

Future Development

Lets see on what we are working on now: – more animals, various fish, snake, frog, scorpions…– a update dedicated just to birds – seagulls, pigeons and their life-cycle from egg to bird – hunting bow and spear. Both mechanics are already tested – and successfully working – illnesses – various illnesses will come including …

AreaZ game is available on Steam !!!

Get it now with initial discount to 9,89€ for only few day !!! https://store.steampowered.com/app/935490/AreaZ/ Alpha version will include:– first map with beach, jungle, bamboo forest, meadow and swamp– over 100 crafting recipes– 80 initial items– animals – shark, crocodile, several fish, octopus, bird. As items: crab, oyster, rabbit, bird eggs, ant larvae, Also bees, ants …